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"One of the New York area's finest female singer-songwriters... You can depend on her to deliver some fine music."
 - John Platt, WFUV NY

"It's rare that a voice grabs you and shakes you to the bone like when Claudia Jacobs takes the stage."
- David Dircks, Acoustic Long Island

"Her personality, warmth and optimism... forge an immediate connection with her audience. --described as soulful and bluesy, her musical identity  undergoes countless mutations.
 - Joseph Shortsle, "The North Shoreian" Magazine 
          "She has the gift... you can't merchandise or fake beauty!"
 - David Amram, Musician/Composer/Conductor

"Claudia Jacobs mesmerizes the audience with her incredible voice, ballsy warm personality and songwriting prowess.  She’s the professional and the old friend at the same time, and a joy to have both on and off the stage.”
- Clara Iacopelli,   Patchogue Theatre for the Performing Arts
"Clearly a woman with a musical message to deliver! Her deep blusey  tones will reach straight into your soul.   Surrounded by a group of talented musicians, each performance is a gift unto those who come to listen."
 - Susan Wahlert, Realmusik House Concerts
Woodlands Folk Festival w/Sonny Meadows and Greg Greenway  2012           


2020 so far:  Don't have to tell you, well, it's been weird, sad, calm and creative.  I've had the pleasure of being invited to participate in several special online concert presentations.  One of my favorites was covering Gary Wright's iconic 70's hit Love is Alive with my son, partner and neighbor for NYRMA's Love and Mercy virtual concert launch, here is an unedited version:  


I am also psyched to announce a special guest vocalist opportunity recently as part of the Janis Ian Better Times Will Come song project ( thanks to my old friend, and fellow Amram collaborator Kevin Twigg!  I had a lot of fun doing this with him and setting up the "Bubby Mobile" as an Isolation recording booth!  The song has touched many hearts including mine!  

Though a lot of shows have been cancelled, I am booking into the near future and truly believe that We WILL return to live and in person concerts!  Peace and Cheer to you all.

July/August/September 2019!  July is ending with an EPIC NYRMA show with songs curated in celebration of the Moon Landing's 50th Anniversary!  I had the daunting and honorable challenge to do Bowie justice!  August continues with a trend this summer for the band to be interpreting other peoples music a little more often than usual, and rehearsals for the Woodstock 50th concert are sounding great!  We will return to the Wind Down Concert Series again and once more share the stage at Bradstock (all dates in SHOWS listing).  September we will return to be a part of the Gallery North Art and Music Festival.

2018:   YES!  FALL!  Not that I would wish my summer away, but I am without a doubt a Fall(en) woman!    Thank you to everybody that made this a wonderful summer with some great sounding and attended gigs.  We started off September with an energizing set at the 25th Bradstock festival on the acoustic stage with guitar, keys and harp and I once again was honored to do some vocal improv with the KING of jazz improv Mr. David Amram!  Love him!   

After a semi-brief hiatus due to family illness, Spring started off with some great gigs in and around the tri-state area including joining the long standing Dylan celebration for a couple of tunes at the University Cafe last weekend with The Kennedy's, Rod MacDonald  Great vibe, great music all night!  

Another great show with NYRMA at the Boulton Center (5/15).  Sold out theatre!

Thanks to WUSB DJ Habanero for naming Rally On! one of her favorite CDs of 2013!!  

Lovely review of our show last Sunday; He compared me to Adele! and heard Big Brother and the Holding Company in Dr. Dan's keyboard licks!  Doesn't get much better than that.  Read it here Patch Review

I am featured in the June 2013 issue of PULSE magazine.   Check out the soft copy article: Electric Lady with the Acoustic Soul.  Hard copy will be in stores in June.

Bradstock XX was a joy as always.  Greg G joined me as did a bunch of guests playing fiddle, trumpet and saxacelo!  I also Got to catch up backstage with my ole friend and inspirator David Amram who's still going amazingly strong at 83; rapping and engaging audiences around the world.  

 With Joe Crookston at Woodlands-what a doll and performer!!!At WFF with the wonderful Joe Crookston!

Once again, the Woodlands Folk Festival outdid it self!  It just gets better and better.  The music, atmosphere and surroundings are wonderful.  This year, I created the CB Jacobs and the Soul Fire Revival with my band and top musicians from NYRMA.

Claudia Jacobs Band with the Kingston Trio concert, great audience, great set, great fun.  The Patchogue Theatre for the Arts is an amazing venue!  Treat yourself to a show there sometime.


Woodlands Folk Festival