From the recording Makin' Lemonade


You ain't gonna lie to me no more
I'm sendin' you now
Right on out that door
Who ever gave you the right sonny
To play with my heart like a toy

All your sweet talkin'
Aint' no good if you don't believe it
And who you foolin' anyway
Leavin' another woman for me, no more
Tellin' me how much you care baby
Unless you tell me from afar

I mean far far far away
If I've been takin' up your time honey
Just Tell me so don't
treat me so damn low

What am I still doin'
Hangin' around in your old ball park
When I know I should have been gone
Ten ions ago and a week
What have you got that keeps me
Comin' back for more

Open up your bull-thrower to tell me
What you've been thinkin'
Hey, what have you been drinkin'
To tell me this fiction you've been fixin'
Don't get me wrong sugar lips
I'll see you sometime tomorrow

Sometimes my mind starts playin'
Game on me, I miss you honey
So bad, baby please
But I ain't gonna care where you're at
As long as you're not at my front door

I can do it alone
I've done it before
I don't need you round anymore
It only takes one two queque the line
And, only one to leave

Bye bye