1. Martha's Song

From the recordings Makin' Lemonade and Rally On!


I lay the needle to the vinyl
Prepare myself for some travel
Through my mislaid emotions
With Martha on the stereo
She will target my heart
And lay claim to a part of me

Oh Martha, no more weeping
At least for a song, I'm worn out
Let me rest, oh good, yes
Play that song
Ay Lu Lu schloff mein kinder
I love that song

Oh Martha, our lady of song
Smiles through tears
And tears through laughter
Oh Martha, that radiant smile
And graceful hand gestures
Brought us stories, and fables
And tales of our world

Sleepy eyes always dreaming
Of loves lost and found
She could see the light at the end of a darked hallway
When as far as I was concerned
There was no light to be found


Martha, she's a survivor
Usually one step ahead
Made it to the coast of England
Beat the Nazis at their game
Why then did you have to let death come
And take you by the hand
It's alright, never mind, I'm sorry
It's just that I miss you so

Oh Martha
Oh Martha