From the recording Makin' Lemonade

The fastest, and possibly, the most potent song I've written to date; written on the very day The Challenger exploded, watching it happen over and over and over on the TV


Woke up this morning
Worked out
Seemed like any other day to me
Turned on the TV
All programs delayed
The Challenger died today\

Gone in an instant
In a flash of light
Gone in an instant
Were seven lives
Surprise, no chance
In a flash of light
Seven families denied

And what a show for the media
Cameras on the family
How they always do, how uncool
Tears of pride on their breath
No one knew what was happening
Til the voice announced
Malfunction, explosion, death
Flags are at half mast today

And they dragged Sentator Glenn out of the closet
And they blew the dust off of Yeager too
Both men seemed pretty blown away
Neither had much to say
But they'd go up again tomorrow

And the loss was felt in London
I know it was felt in Russia too
Children playing Astronaut
Simulating lift-off
Decided to cut there play short today too
Ten year olds in therapy
Wonderin what there worlds gonna be
I hope they didn't have a sister that died too

Gone in an Instant
In a flash of light
Gone in an instant
Were seven lives